We love inline skating, scootering, skateboarding and promote this lifestyle!

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Oleg Samusenko Chief Roller

We love roller skating, skateboarding and scootering. We promote and popularize this sports: we train our students, create and manage roller skating rinks, give for rent and sell roller skates, we take part and organize our own events, etc. Our main point in learning is to have fun from the very first minute of the process.

The original goal "to teach" turned into an atmosphere, amusement, emotions, passion and partying. At first, our little students wanted the same T-shirt as the coach had, later parents and experienced skaters not only from Latvia, but also from other countries wanted to demonstrate their involvement in the rollers community. And we wanted not just a sports T-shirt, but a special one — roller. 

Our T-shirt contains many subjects, so that everyone — from a child to an experienced skater, will find something interesting and cool for himself. Our casual cotton T-shirt perfectly demonstrates your passion for roller skating/scooter/skate. We continue to expand our line — in the nearest future there will be sports jackets and skinsuits available for advanced skaters.

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